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Rainbow parts, systems, accessories:
We carry full line of Rainbow vacuum cleaner parts, accessories and supplies for Rainbow vacuum cleaner models made from 1989 such as: D4, D4c, D4SE, SE, SE PE, SE Performance edition, E-series, e2 series....
It may take us additional 10-20 days to get parts for older Rainbow vacuum cleaners such as D3 or D2 . Keep in mind that Rexair, Inc. (Rainbow vacuum manufacturer) keeps discontinuing parts for really old models so some of those parts may not even be available.
We also have Rainbow vacuum systems for sale, however ones advertised on the website are 110 volt and will not work in Europe, Australia, Asia and some other parts of the world without a power converter. We may have some 220 volt Rainbow vacuums but they will be a lot more expensive than 110 volt vacuums advertised on our website
We have all Rainbow vacuum parts for the models mentioned above (that were manufactured from 1989): belt, brush roll, cord, water container, filter, attachment, hose, nozzle, bumper, wheel, motor, motor brush, shampooer, shampoo, separator …

Rules of use:
  • If you want to pay with a credit card or PayPal – please keep your parts order under $100.00 (before shipping charges).
  • If you want to pay with a credit card or PayPal – there is limit of one order per month.
  • If you need more than 100 dollars worth of parts – please place ANY size order and choose “Purchase Order” as payment method. We will contact you with our bank account information and you will have to wire us money through your bank. We also accept Western Union.
  • Avoid ordering regular Kirby shampoo and other liquids. They are very heavy and very expensive to ship. Instead please order concentrated shampoo.
  • Do NOT choose “Free Shipping” this is for USA buyers only.
  • If you have questions about shipping – please read our page about SHIPPING.
  • If you want to place 1000 USD or bigger order – please read our WHOLESALE page.
  • If you want to e-mail us please write in English or Russian. If you using computer to translate to English – translate very short sentences. Long sentences computer sometimes translates to total nonsense.

We are not an authorized Filterqueen, Rainbow, Kirby, Tristar or Roboclean distributor. We are not affiliated with Rexair, Inc., Scott Fetzer Company, Health-Mor, HMI Industries, Tristar Enterprises L.L.C., Roboclean USA. No vacuums or accessories sold by us are covered with manufacturer warranty. All guaranties are through our company only.