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About Us

We are USA based company. Out office is in a southwest suburb of Chicago. We are about 30 minutes away from Chicago downtown. 

It all started in year 2000 when owner entered vacuum cleaner business as a door-to-door Kirby vacuum salesman. He did not enjoy the work too much when he had to lie to sell every single vacuum and he was looking for something else to do. Soon he sold his first vacuum online. Few months later he quit his salesmans job and after a short while was born.

Now it is 4 people operation. We sell Kirby, Rainbow, Filter Queen and Tristar vacuum cleaners, parts and accessories. The most of our sales are to the customers in United States but we also ship to anywhere in the world. Australia, Russia, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Japan, Israel, UAE, Guam and many more locations around the globe.. 

Vast majority of our exports is wholesale orders of 1000 US dollars or more. For orders like this we give additional discounts. We will put extra effort packing your order so it would be least expensive to ship. Big and heavy orders (300 kilos or more) we usually recommend shipping by ocean. Wholesale orders must be paid by a bank wire transfer in advance. We take foreign credit card or PayPal payment from foreign customers only on small orders of 100 US dollars or less.

Thank You, team